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What can we say to do this Gentlemen Gen X’er some Justice? 
Well … first and foremost Mr. Scott Steward wears many hats and flaunts several alter egos. This is part of what makes him one of the more interesting entrepreneurs you will ever meet. He can be either Professor Stew, Big Stew, Scott, or Mr. Steward depending on what space + time you catch him in.
Scott flips between family + building his portfolio of companies very easily. We have seen him bounce one of his babies off his knee and conduct business all in the same moment. His media background immediately grabs you when you hear him co-hosting the @moneysexgenx_podcast or interviewing new music talent on his digital streaming service @musicspool. Yes, we said his music streaming service, he and two business partners launched the @musicspool digital music platform to give new artists coming up in the game a place to cut through the noise, get their music out + build their fanbases. Who else do you know with their own music streaming platform?
Let’s not forgot about Genius Lab (@geniuslabchicago). Scott founded Genius Lab in 2014 with the sole purpose of helping Black and Latin X boys preparing for careers in tech by teaching them business + coding skills. The company has been a pipeline for introducing new talent into tech and related industries for many years. Genius Lab partners with schools across the country to provide this groundbreaking programming with plans to expand its global reach.
Scott was also a teacher in the Chicago Public School system and an adjunct professor at both DePaul University and Chicago State University. The man has touched many lives. Oh yeah, let’s not forget this Founder is also an Author. His book of ‘Stewisms’ will quickly get your mind right about more than a few things. And not afraid to get his corporate on…Scott also serves on the Board of Directors for two notable Chicago organizations: StreetWise and Chicago Youth Programs.
We don’t have enough words to fully honor this son of Hip Hop, father of many people's styles, and an overall good dude. On a good day, you can catch this brother on his Facebook page sparking some good conversation + maybe you will have the honor of working with him professionally. One thing is for sure we respect this Founder and look forward to seeing what other business ventures he cooks up+ people he inspires over the next decade.
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This was taken from https://www.hubriswealth.us/post/founder-friday-scott-steward

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